I decided to add a Geography unit to our curriculum this year. During our animal study last year in Science, I quickly realized that the kids loved learning about all of the different countries and habitats that animals live in.

We are beginning our Geography until by becoming familiar with maps in general. We learned the parts of a map and a globe and the differences between the two. We then broke the world map down into Continents and Oceans. We spent a week learning the seven continents and the five oceans.

Now we are beginning to focus on each continent individually. The first continent under the microscope is Asia! We will learn a little about Asia overall and then we will spend a week in each of the major countries of Asia before moving on to Europe and so on.

So far, this unit study has been a big hit! It has proven to be quite a work load for me as I am not following any set curriculum, but the preparation is fun and interesting as I find that I am learning a lot as well!


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